Maigan van der Giessen
Maigan van der Giessen
Edmonton Alberta

Tzadeka (TZA-deka) is Maigan van der Giessen, an Edmonton based emcee who has been pushing the boundaries of music since putting out her first tracks with hip hop collective Eshod ibn Wyza (2003). Maigan’s spicy vocals and intricate rhymes blend with long-time producer Marek Czuba’s masterful beat-making to create music that is distinct and fresh; with hints of jazz, punk, politics and the blues. Forever evolving,Tzadeka recently released Cities on Fire (2021); joining forces with local horn players Audrey Ochoa (trombone), Allison Ochoa (baritone sax), and Kirsten Elliot (flute). Resulting in a full-bodied musical release that further illuminates and evolves that classic Tzadeka sound.

Tzadeka makes music that is unpredictable, clever and magnetic. Female-fronted, Experimental Prairie Hip hop/Soul spoken word that’s fresh-as-hell! Maigan van der Giessen is a poet, vocalist, artist, activist, mother and youth advocate working within Edmonton’s diverse communities since 2010.

L'expérience professionnelle

Industry Skills

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Domaine Commercialisation, Curateur de musique, Promoteur
Live Artiste, Concepteur Créatif, Costumier(ère)
Musicienne Artiste, Interprète, Chanteur/Chanteuse
  • Percussion
  • Chanteur
Composition Co-Auteur/Compositeur, Auteur, Auteur Compositeur
Création Visuelle Réalisateur de Vidéoclips, Photographe, Créateur de Contenu
Production Producteur



Expérimental, Funk, Hip Hop, Jazz, Soul