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Wendy Virtanen

Wendy Virtanen
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Wendy Virtanen
Wendy Bouie
Wendy’ Virtanen, Artist – (Wendy Bouie/Band - Tabasko Katz), born in Ontario, began song writing at age twelve. Her music and lyrics mirror her own personal growth, expressing her views on love, life and the sometimes painful world we live in. Trained as a child in classical piano and interested in becoming a song writer she enrolled in song writing workshops in Toronto.

She later joined the Montreal Music Scene, became a member of Songwriters Association of Canada and established herself as a singer/songwriter in affiliation with The Sound Module Recording Facility, where she wrote and recorded her 1st CD "Mask of Virtue". Recognizing the importance of owning your material, she became a member of SOCAN as an Artist and as a publisher.

Wendy continues to write and is currently recording and performing with her band Tabasko Katz. Her recent single, released under Tabasko Katz is "Lyin' To Me", available on all major music platforms.
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