umberlune (Sarah Foster)
umberlune (Sarah Foster)

Perth, Ontario

About:  umberlune (Sarah Foster)

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Ottawa Valley songwriter, umberlune, is a performer you won't forget. Delicate guitar playing allows stirring vocals to take centre stage. She sings her stories in vivid, lyrical vignettes that go deep and then stick around for awhile. The stories are hers, yet you know them from your own experiences. Influences range from folk to rock, blues, pop and beyond.
umberlune consistently delivers engaging performances of original music, and has graced local venues, events and festivals with her authentic sound. She is planning to release her first album in the summer of 2022.

Industry Experience

Artist, Singer

Artist, Instrumentalist, Performer, Singer


  • Guitar
  • Vocalist

Lyricist, Songwriter

umberlune's Genres

Blues, Folk

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