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Sara Quin - Tegan and Sara

Where were you at in your music career when you had your first child? Was there much discussion about how that life choice would affect your career within the music/entertainment industry?

I am officially twenty + years into my career as a touring musician. As a result of that lifestyle, having a child has always seemed abstract, and not entirely compatible with my job. A significant part of preparing for this massive change has required restructuring and reprioritizing my future touring life.

As a working parent in the music industry, what are some of the biggest challenges you are facing?

Adjusting to the hours of a traditional work week and leaving Sid at home while I tour are both hugely challenging. Off the road, I've generally worked whenever and however long I wanted but I now follow my son's schedule which means trying to be around for his awake hours during the week, and also taking weekends off. It's not always easy to get into a creative flow with so many restrictions but I have strong organizational skills and I'm making it work!

What is one small change within the industry that could make a positive impact for working parents?

I think a lot of parents and non parents are burned out. As a creative person I've always prioritized making things, but the vast majority of what takes up my time these days is administrative or marketing. The emphasis on social media has slowly eroded the time I used to spend writing songs. I'm not quite sure how to address it as it feels like a problem many of us, across a multitude of industries are facing, especially after the pandemic.

How do you find support and community with other working parents in or out of the music industry?

I'm lucky to have strong connections with many friends who are parenting later in life. It has been imperative to have people to share with and vent to on good and bad days. The experience has certainly changed me in ways that I will cherish but it's also life altering and having emotional support has been crucial.

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