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Sara MacDonald

Sara MacDonald
Basic Member
Sara MacDonald
Sara MacDonald is the song-writing force behind the Yukon band “the august arrival”. Throughout the years, MacDonald has performed at events such as The Atlin Arts and Music Festival (BC), The Sound of Old Strathcona (AB), Frostbite Music Festival (YT), Arts in the Park (YT) and the Forward Together music series (YT). Her latest release “All Blue and Gold” merges a modern soundscape and acoustic instrumentation, where electric guitars and synths blend with cello, accordion, zither, and layered percussion. The august arrival’s new album has charted nationally on campus and community radio, spending a total of fifteen weeks charting on stations across Canada. Stripped down to their acoustic upbringings, her songs are intimate; with haunting melodies and vocal performances that cause one to wonder if they should feel a bit guilty for eavesdropping on a reflective private moment.
English, French