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Sarah Lutz

Sarah Lutz
Basic Member
Sarah Lutz
Sarah started Looters in 2006 out of her love for hard music and the realization it wasn’t being well represented in Canada. From working and rockin’ in her basement as CEO, and employee number one, Sarah has grown Looters into a company of three. She has taken the company beyond Canada’s borders and works with artists worldwide.

After graduating from George Brown College in Toronto with a Marketing degree, Sarah began work at Attic Records / Song Corporation as a publicity representative. In early 2001 she moved to The Feldman Agency (then called S.L. Feldman & Associates) where she worked her way up to become the sole female agent. She became an expert at negotiation, listening skills and learning what people want. Skills she applied to all her clients when she started Looters over a decade ago and still does today.

Working in the music industry for the past 20 years has not only been a huge accomplishment for Sarah, but also a valuable learning experience because of the many diverse people she has worked with - from labels, managers, promoters, companies, bands - assholes to push-overs! She’s learned from them all.

More than ever, Sarah is an expert at changing with these fast-moving times and getting her clients where they need to go. Currently, with many of us working in our pyjamas, Sarah’s plan is to keep expanding globally. She is queen of the universe after all.
Digital streaming, Marketing, Project manager, Promoter, Public relations
Social Media, Influencers
Alternative Rock, Experimental, Grunge, Indie Rock, Metal, New Wave, Punk
Panelist, Strategic Committee, Consultant, Teacher | Instructor
Attic Records / Song Corp, 1999-2000, Promo & Publicity Rep
Feldman & Associates, 2001-2006, Agent
Looters, 2006-present, Owner