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Dorothée Parent-Roy

Dorothée Parent-Roy
Basic Member
Dorothée Parent-Roy
Dorothée Parent-Roy is a seasoned pro in the music industry, starting out in music venues, record stores, and music festivals before becoming a publicist for Indica records. In 2012, she entered the world of digital distribution when she joined Believe Digital as a trade marketing team member, and in 2017 she led the digital distribution team at Distribution Select where she continued to help labels build their digital marketing strategies.

Currently, Parent-Roy is one-third of House of Supercool, a digital marketing company that defies the norms and empowers artists and music labels with its mission to transform how they approach marketing in the industry. Alongside this, she is also a co-founder of Distribution Amplitude, a non-profit digital distribution company.
Digital streaming, Marketing, Project manager
  • Bass
  • Guitar
  • Violin
Alternative Rock, Grunge, Indie Rock, Pop, Psychedelic, Punk
Vulvets, 2015-2019
English, French