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no big d band

no big d band
Basic Member
no big d band
Baker Creek
British Columbia
Who are we?

no big d are a four-piece party starter from the outskirts of Quesnel, BC. They formed after a Halloween Party at Electric Lackeyland and despite their name, quickly became a big deal to the four women involved. With multiple songwriters, sharing vocal duties and a collaborative approach, they wasted no time crafting a set list of all original tunes. Their individual styles are eclectic, adding a dynamic edge to their songwriting. On stage there is no doubt that these four friends are in their happy place, so come see what all the fuss is about!
Ovaries to the wall, shredding, family fun post punk indie rock band.

We're four women, four moms, four professional women, four activists, four friends who share our version of reality. We are real, we're responsible, we're dirty, and we give a shit about the world and how it all fits together.

We take the seriousness of our lives and put music to it. We take the ridiculousness of our lives and put music to it. We take the love in our lives and put music to it.

​And then we share it...
Artist, Touring musician
Artist, Performer, Singer, Studio musician, Touring musician
  • Bass
  • 76
  • Guitar
Co-writer, Songwriter
Alternative Rock, Grunge, Indie Rock, Punk
Board Member, Panelist, Strategic Committee, Consultant, Teacher | Instructor