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Anne Janelle

Anne Janelle
Basic Member
Anne Janelle
Nova Scotia
A child of a Vancouver, B.C. surburb, singer-songwriter and cellist Anne Janelle could just as easily have been singing Simon & Garfunkle and Sarah Mclaughlan as she could have been practising Bach and Beethoven on her cello. As an artist, Anne has a knack for finding the surprising and stunning places where far-apart musical styles meet. Her music melds the soaring choruses of pop music, the timeless simplicity of folk music and the acoustic trappings of classical music. The sweetness of her beautiful melodies is often tempered with lyrics that grapple with unanswerable questions. Anne accompanies herself with visceral, resonant cello notes, making for a unique and compelling duet: two inseparable voices from a single source.
Artist, Singer, Touring musician
Artist, Instrumentalist, Performer, Singer, Studio musician, Touring musician
  • Cello
Lyricist, Songwriter
Classical, Folk, Minimalism
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