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Violet Vopni

Violet Vopni
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Violet Vopni
Violet Vopni is a queer pop folk diva that asks the question who are you while answering this is me, b*tch. Indigenous, pan, poly, and otherkin, Vopni has one foot in reality and the other in the knowledge that none of this is real.

Singer/songwriter, karaoke aficionado, occasional comedian, vocal jazz mezzo soprano, Vopni ain’t afraid of no stage. She isn’t about boxes or labels but if you’re going to use them, she prefers elder millennial.

Her song, “How Many Times” has been featured on CBC’s Up To Speed, Indigenous Music Countdown, and Manitoba Music’s Song of the Week. On September 23, 2022, Violet Vopni released her 4th album "Imaginations" and premiered the music video for the single, "Friendzone". Violet and her band have been busy hitting the stage for Nistumee Neepinee Keesikow (First Day of Summer), Winnipeg Fringe Festival, Winnipeg Jazz Festival, Recovery Day, and more.
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