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Chara Tan

Premium Member Chara Tan
Premium Member
Chara Tan
Chara Kai-Le
Chara Kai-Le is an indie art pop songwriter and producer based in Toronto. Having spent her childhood in Malaysia, Singapore, England, and Canada, Chara's multicultural background profoundly influences her musical style.

Her debut EP, "LIMINAL," delves into her experiences as a Southeast Asian woman living in a Western society. Her music has since garnered hundreds of thousands of listeners across Asia, Europe, and her home continent of North America.

In her upcoming debut album, "Kintsugi", Chara once again incorporates elements from her cultural heritage to document the process of healing from grief. Combining introspective lyrics with a unique cinematic sound, Chara writes about her life experiences from relationships to meditation.

The tender emotionality in Chara's vocals have been compared to Billie Eilish and ((( O ))). Citing additional influences such as The Japanese House, MARO and Frank Ocean, Chara aims to create relatable music that resonates globally.
Artist, Singer
Artist, Instrumentalist, Performer, Singer
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