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Rhonda Head

Premium Member Rhonda Head
Premium Member
Rhonda Head
Eight-time international award-winning Mezzo-Soprano vocalist Rhonda Head is the official recipient of two Global Music Awards for a pair of her most celebrated songs. Judged by Emmy and Grammy Award – winning artists, Head’s impactful anthem, 500 Years received a Bronze Medal in the Protest Music category, moving through the pain of being an intergenerational Residential School Survivor.
Recorded with the Prague Orchestra, Head’s fan favorite Kisahkihitin I Love You, also landed a Bronze Medal in the Contemporary Classical category. This recognition adds to her length list of milestones including singing at New York’s Carnegie Hall (2016) and Lincoln Center (2014), judging the Grammy Awards regional roots category and attending the Los Angeles award show (2020) and sitting as a Board Member at Canada’s largest rights management organization, SOCAN.
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