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Andrea Aguilar
Andrea Aguilar

Toronto, Ontario

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Being a college dropout was definitely never the plan; however, at the end of 2015 the Mexican-Vancouverite decided that being a hydrologist was not quite the future she had in mind. Having been a music lover and a singer-songwriter for most of her life, Andrea decided to move to Toronto to pursue a career in entertainment.
With a strong science and music business background, she was able to marry two unlikely worlds to form her marketing agency, A Squared Creative (A2C). Her drive and passion for the field has led her to work with clients such as Serena Ryder, STARS, Haley Blais, Jonathan Roy, Tim Baker (of Hey Rosetta!) and Choir!Choir!Choir! to name a few.

Excited to embark her new journey at Six Shooter Records as Director of Digital Marketing and Strategy, Andrea is excited to bring her expertise while continuing to learn and develop at one of Canada's most prolific indie labels.

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Artist manager, Digital streaming, Marketing, Music executive