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Yaka Somasunderam

Yaka Somasunderam
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Yaka Somasunderam
Arts administrator, singer-songwriter, writes grants. Helps music creators learn how to take control of their intellectual property and how to find resources. Continually learning about anti-oppression frameworks and practicing empathy. Makes music with people who also think the world's f'd up, but strive toward a radically compassionate world.

Songwriting influences: being a child of Sri Lankan Civil War (read: govt-sanctioned genocide) refugees/post-colonial analysis, growing up poor and neurodivergent in shitty Toronto apartments, still navigating what it means to be Tamil and Canadian at the same time, the good and bad parts of being human

Vocal influences: South Indian Carnatic singing, R&B, Jazz, Blues, folk/country-folk, Eastern European choral

Currently at the Canadian Musicians Co-operative. Check out youth summer job opportunities in music performance, production/technical, and admin in link in profile.
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  • Chanteuse
Co-Autrice/Compositrice, Autrice/Compositrice, Top line
Rock Alternatif, Blues, Folk, Funk, Rock Indé, Jazz, Pop, R&B, Soul, Musique du monde
Consultante, Enseignant(e) | Éducatrice
Canadian Musicians Co-operative, 2022-present, Director of Corporate Services
Canadian Musicians Co-operative, 2021-2022, Corporate Services Officer
Music Publishers Canada (formerly CMPA), 2018-2019, Communications Co-ordinator
CMPA/CMRRA, 2018, Intern
Anglais, Autre