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Masani Montague,BA(Hons),MES

Masani Montague,BA(Hons),MES
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Masani Montague,BA(Hons),MES
Masani Montague is a playwright, director, journalist, novelist and researcher. She has written, directed and produced several radio plays, stage plays and music videos. Her plays and radio plays include: Up on Eglinton, Breakout! Soundclash, Reasoning with my Sisters, Danger to the Public and To Sheba With Love. She has directed music videos such as Silhouette, Serious Judgement, Shoeshine, Up on Eglinton, and Danger to the Public. She has produced and directed docu-dramas such as, Youth Against Violence, Cycle of Violence and It's not Alright. Her novels include: Dread Culture and To Sheba With Love.

She holds a diploma in Journalism from Humber College; BA(Hons) in Creative from York University and a Masters Degree in Environmental Studies from York University. She is currently completing her second Masters Degree in Education at York University.

Masani Montague owns and operates Masani Productions since 1980. The company promotes, produces and distributes books, films, videos and records. Since 1993 she has been the managing director and producer of the annual reggae music festivals, Rastafest and Sistahfest. She coordinated the First International Rastafari Conference in Toronto in 1982 and co-coordinated the Second International Rastafari conference in Jamaica in 1983. She has received numerous awards including the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Medal in 2013 and the Order of York Centre Award in 2015.
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