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Victoria Feige

Victoria Feige
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Victoria Feige
Incendiary Sweet is the singer-songwriter/indie rock project of a girl from Vancouver. It started because of the pandemic. As a multi-instrumentalist wheelchair user and adaptive surfing world champion, this girl put her energy into music during the Covid lockdown. She was hesitant to perform after her acquired spinal cord injury, but when everything shifted online every open mic was accessible. And she could control the camera angle so that the music was the focus and not the wheelchair. She discovered her voice and guitar work was good enough to stand for itself.
She recorded with Winston Hauschild and Incendiary Sweet released 4 singles since mid 2021. They received nationwide community radio-play, numerous Spotify playlisting and a PopCanRadio selection. So far “Fairytales” received 20,000+ plays on Spotify and her cover of Prince’s “Cream” garnered over 21,000 views on YouTube.
She has performed live in the past with members of the bands Hey Ocean and Parlour Steps. As the pandemic lifts, she looks forward to re-connecting with the music community, releasing new tracks and playing live shows.
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