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Sandy Graham

Sandy Graham
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Sandy Graham
Sandy Graham has had perhaps one of the most diverse and interesting careers in the Canadian Music Industry.

Currently the Owner and Editor-In-Chief of Cashbox Canada as well as Founder and Managing partner of Record World International, the most recent addition to her CV is being the founder and co-owner of Cashbox Radio, a popular online radio station that prides itself in playing legendary artists right alongside the new indie artists released today.

With over 45 years in the industry, Sandy Graham has been involved in many various aspects of the music business and is a true trailblazer as well as a supporter of music and artists.

She began in record retail, followed by holding the position of the 3rd female Music Director in Canada, and was also one of the first women to be hired by a major label, holding the position of Eastern Promotions Manager for RCA Records in Montreal, Quebec.

Sandy Graham has owned various music venues in her career, including the Legendary Horseshoe Tavern and Route 66 and produced shows for The Tall Ships, Starlight Foundation, Toronto Blue Jays Baseball Club, Variety Village, Earth Day 2021 with Tom Jackson.

Currently, she travels the world to appear on panels to talk about Mental Health (as Chair/President of Canadian Charity -The Drive Foundation) Gender Equality and Ageism in the music industry.
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