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Joan Bessie

Joan Bessie
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Joan Bessie
British Columbia
The self-titled debut “Joan Bessie” (2018) featured top talent including Juno Award winning Producer Ben Kaplan, Drummer Ali Siadat (Mother Mother) and Bassist Darren Parris (Carley Ray Jepsen, Daniel Powter, Frazey Ford).

CBC Music picked up several tracks off the album, playing them in regular rotation on local and national programs. Joan Bessie’s lead single “G.G.” spent 10 weeks on the CBC Music Top 20 chart, hitting #3 in Spring of 2019.

The latest Joan Bessie single “Devil in the Back (Unplugged)” (2022) was produced by legendary artist and long-time collaborator, Cobra Ramone and features vocals and percussion from Pat Steward (Bryan Adams, Odds, Matthew Good). The single achieved top 10 commercial radio downloads in three categories during the first week of its release in Canada.

Joan Bessie’s Sophomore album “To All the Girls I’ve Lost Before” will be released in March, 2023.
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