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Sarah Jerrom

Sarah Jerrom
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Sarah Jerrom
St. Catharines
Sarah Jerrom is a Canadian vocalist, composer and arranger specializing in jazz
and creative music, taking her inspiration from lyric-driven melodies, genre-
defying instrumentation and experimental soundscapes. Sarah’s new album, a
collection of original songs recorded by her contemporary jazz quartet, “Dream
Logic,” was released Mar. 26th 2021 on Three Pines Records. “The Yeats
Project” (2017), her first all-original album, features W.B. Yeats’s poetry set to
music and orchestrated for a nine-piece chamber jazz ensemble, achieved
critical praise and international airplay. A graduate of the University of Toronto
jazz program (2005), Sarah has studied composition under renowned Canadian
composers Christine Jensen, Christopher Smith, Rick Wilkins (O.C.) and Andrew
Downing. Headliner performances across Ontario include Brock University’s
Centre for the Arts, The Music Gallery, The Richard Bradshaw Amphitheatre, the
Niagara Jazz Festival and the Lakefield Jazz Festival, as well as many of
Toronto’s top jazz clubs and listening rooms.
Artiste, Chanteuse
Artiste, Instrumentaliste, Interprète, Chanteuse, Musicienne de studio
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Expérimental, Folk, Jazz
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