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Sarah Hiltz

Sarah Hiltz
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Sarah Hiltz
Sarah Hiltz is a contemporary folk artist based in Toronto, Canada. Her album CALM FURY (2022) is a collection of songs that grew out of her research into the ways we experience, express and suppress anger in modern society, especially women. 

Hiltz has independently released four full-length albums and two EPs since 2009, and created the podcast The Fury Pod in 2021, which she co-hosts with filmmaker Sandi Barrett. Her work as a talented singer-songwriter has landed her Folk Music Ontario’s Songs From The Heart Award (Political Category), opening slots for Canadian icons Gordon Lightfoot and Ron Hynes, Top 3 placement in a nation-wide music competition (She’s The One), a Best Folk Album nomination (Toronto Independent Music Awards) and earned her an invitation to give a TEDx talk in 2014.
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Sarah Hiltz, 2009-present, Artist